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What kind of lab tests are performed on Allergy Asthma Clean products?

Our products have been field and lab tested by InBio, a company that specializes in testing allergens and air quality for companies. After more than a decade of testing, we are proud to say that our products offer a significant reduction of dog, cat, dust mites and cockroach proteins.  MARIA® Test Verified guarantee.

How do Allergy Asthma Clean mineral cleaners help the environment?

Next to making the bottle, the largest environmental impact of shipping cleaning products is the weight of the water in the bottle. Most commercial, plant-based cleaners are 95% water. By removing the water, we decrease our environmental footprint and save you money on shipping in the process. Throwing away those bottles after one use is a waste and leaves a large footprint. Coming soon: Allergy Asthma Clean uses refill packs, so you can use the same bottle over and over again.

What is in Allergy Asthma Clean products?

Allergy Asthma Clean products use a variety of carefully selected minerals, each with a specific purpose. Our unique mixture activates with water, and when atomized in a spray, attracts and attaches to allergen molecules and proteins in the air and on surfaces where they bring them down, encapsulate, neutralize them- all with minerals that are safe to breathe and touch.

Baking soda eliminates odors without the use of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that only mask odors rather than eliminate them. Zeolite naturally traps compounds and allergens, protecting those with asthma and allergies from their harmful effects; zeolite-based systems are even used to create medical-grade oxygen for hospitals. Carbonates are used to encapsulate and dehydrate allergenic particles and pull them to the ground so they don’t cause allergic reactions that can trigger asthma attacks. And because the minerals we used are sourced in North America, the shipping and manufacturing process has a low carbon footprint.

Are Allergy Asthma Clean products safe?

Yes. Allergy Asthma Clean products are formulated to be safe, even for those with the most severe allergy and asthma symptoms and reactions. Our mineral formulas are safe to use around pets, children, and pretty much anyone. You can use Allergy Asthma Clean products directly on or around sandboxes, play areas, litter boxes, and even your heating and air conditioning units. And it’s safe for the environment, too. And it’s safe for the environment, too.

What is the advantage of Allergy Asthma Clean cleaning products over other allergen sprays?

Our allergen spray has been tested and provides a significant reduction of allergens. For example, our allergen spray reduces allergens from cat dander proteins by 95%. Our allergen spray encapsulates and dehydrates allergens which provides two key advantages:

1) Allergens become surrounded and fall to the floor, away from where they can be inhaled and cause allergies and asthma attacks.

2) It changes shape of the allergen particles so they do not interact with histamine receptors that register allergens.

What is the Allergy Asthma Clean story?

It’s difficult to live comfortably if you have allergies. Dogs, cats, dust mites, even everyday cleaning products can make your skin itch, your eyes water, and your sinuses flare. But if you also have asthma, then you understand how difficult it can be to enjoy simple, everyday activities: visiting friends with pets, shopping for used furniture or clothes that may still have dander on them, or simply sitting down in a public area where dander or mites could be left behind; just the idea of accidentally coming into contact with allergens can make someone with asthma and allergies anxious because we are scared that at any moment, we could have another asthma attack.

Allergy Asthma Clean was started with the help of my parents and formulated by a team of dedicated people because we wanted those living with severe asthma and allergies to have peace of mind. Allergy Asthma Clean products use minerals to neutralize proteins that trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks so we can live in comfort.  -Savanna Elliott

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