What your children probably aren’t telling you about their asthma

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1. How many times they are actually taking their medication 

I was on a soccer team when I was younger. I loved it. I was left forward when I was about 9 or 10 years old. The one problem? Every time I had a practice or game, I needed to take my asthma medication. Now, to be honest my parents didn’t know I needed to take my asthma medication, as much as a I did. I never told them. Why? Because I knew the moment I did, I wouldn’t be allowed to play. It was a sacrifice and at the time, it seemed like the correct decision. Looking back, I should have told them. They could have helped me control my asthma better.

2. They aren’t going to tell you every time they have an asthma attack

As a child, being invited to a sleepover was probably the greatest thing on the planet. But, when you have asthma and your friends have pets, it could be a disaster. So, you start planning how you’re gong to be asthma free. Your parents will do their research and figure out if your friend has a pet. So, you do your research and tell them that you will be sleeping in a separate room, free from all pet dander. You are probably lying, because when you get there you are sleeping in your friend’s room where the pet has free range. So, you have an asthma attack for the sake of fun and fitting in. The next day you play it off like you are fine. I took my inhaler 4 times that night, just so I could be “normal.”

3. Having asthma is embarrassing

When I was younger having to carry an inhaler around was embarrassing. My friends would always make fun of me when I had to use it. They didn’t understand what it was and each time I had to explain it. Or even worse, they would ask to use it just to figure out what it was like. And then you had to worry about how many puffs you had left.

Have a discussion with your children about their asthma, but let them do the talking. They will tell you what you want to hear in their own time. 

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Co-Founder of Allergy Asthma Clean 

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