Brian Test Allergen Spray (pet dander, dust mites,pollen, cockroach) 33.8oz (Copy)


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Help lower your allergic reaction with 100% pure minerals.

Allergen Spray helps reduce up to 95% of pet dander, dust mite, pollen and cockroach allergens.*

How to use: Spray in the air and on most surfaces* (*any surface that can handle moisture)

How often to use: Twice a week or as often as needed

Where to use:

  • Carpet
  • Curtains
  • Walls
  • Pet bedding
  • Personal bedding
  • Counter tops
  • HVAC vents
  • Vacuum cleaners

How it works: The ingredients surround the offending allergens, drop them to the ground and dehydrates them so your allergic reaction is kept to a minimum.

Allergen Spray is delivered without water in a 1Liter (33.8oz) bottle. You simply add water to the bottle when it arrives in your home. Shake the bottle, then you’re ready to experience a reduction in your allergy symptoms.

Shelf life: Lasts indefinitely

What you are really allergic to: the proteins of saliva, sebaceous glands and feces from dogs and cats, and dust mites and their debris cause allergies.

*lab results show Allergen Spray helps reduce cat, dog, dust mites and cockroach allergens

63 in stock


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